“Rape, murder. It’s just a shot away, just a shot away………”

 December 6, 1969 – The Altamont Speedway Free Concert, planned to be the Woodstock of the West, open and ended in absolute misery.  Headlined by the Rolling Stones, other acts included Santana, Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead and Cosby, Stills, Nash and Young with The Hells Angels providing security.  From the beginning, things went wrong.  Over 300,000 concert goers showed up but the mood at Altamont was very different from that at Woodstock.  The crowd turned ugly and the Hells Angels became increasingly violent.  So violent in fact, that the Rolling Stones had to interrupt their performance several times asking everyone to ‘be cool” and the Grateful Dead never played at all.  In the end, one man was murdered and their were 3 other accidental deaths.  Hundreds were injured and countless automobiles were stolen, ransacked and abandoned.  It has been refered to as the Death of the Woodstock Nation.  Many years later, another Woodstock concert was held and ended in almost as shameful manner with violence and rape gone wild.


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