The Blue One – Third from the Sun

 December 7, 1972 – Apollo 17, the 6th and final lunar landing mission, launched at 12:33 AM EST and was witnessed by approximately 500,000 spectators.  The astronauts landed on lunar surface at 2:55 PM EST on December 11 and lifted off on December 14 at 5:55 PM EST.  They landed safely in the Pacific Ocean at 2:25 PM on December 19.   Approximately 5 hours into the flight, the astronauts, with the sun behind them, took a photograph of the earth fully illuminated.  To them, it appeared as a glass marble and the image was named the Blue Marble.  Apollo 17 was the last lunar mission.  Since then, no other humans have travelled to the lunar surface or been in a position to photograph a whole earth view of our planet.


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