Close enough for you Mr. Prime Minister?

December 22, 1974 – Colonial Imperialism, the system whereby one group or nation forcibly seizes control of an area outside its borders and claims it as their own, has been around for a long, long, time.  The system was perhaps perfected by the British who used Ireland as the petri dish to perfect their system.  In Ireland, they seized the land of the Irish and then imported British settlers and gave the land to them.  Since race or color was not an option, the haves and the have-nots were determined by their religion.  The Irish were Catholic and the British were Protestant.  This went on for hundreds of years and ended, in part, with the Irish Revolution that ended in 1922 with the island being partitioned with the south an independent nation and the north remaining part of Britain.  In 1968, taking inspiration from America and Dr. Martin Luther King,  the Irish Catholic minority of the north began to demonstrate and demand civil rights and the confrontation turning violent and refered to as “The Troubles”.  The Irish Republican Arm (IRA) was reborn and violently tried drive the British out of Northern Ireland.  On this date in 1974 they bombed the private residence of then British Prime Minster Ted Heath  – who was not home at the time.  They were seeking to bring the war home to England and this was but one of several sad acts.  Some 35 years later, bitter divisions still exist in Northern Ireland which remains part of the United Kingdon of Great Britain and Ireland.


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