The Top of the World

December 23, 1970 – The World Trade Center North Tower (Tower 1) is “Topped Out” meaning the last beam was laid in place.  At 110 stories it was, at least briefly, the tallest building in the world.  Said to be the biggest building project since the Great Pyramid, the concept of a World Trade Center was first proposed in 1943.  Negotiations between the Port Authority and both New York and New Jersey would drag on for years and plans were finally made public in 1961.  The Port Authority, citing eminent domain, began acquiring the land and displacing commercial and residential tenants in 1965 amid much controversy.  Chief Architect Minoru Yamasaki design called for twin towers and construction began on August 5, 1966.  The North Tower s first tenants moved in December 15, 1970 while construction continued.  The South Tower first tenants moved in January 1972 and a ribbon cutting ceremony was held on April 4, 1973.  Total Cost of the project exceeded $900 million. The North Tower was usaully identified with it’s antenna atop the building and these sisters dominated the New York City sklyline for many years.


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