Roseann Quinn – Looking for Mr. Goodbar

January 1, 1973 – Roseann Quin, a 28 year old school teacher of deaf children is murdered. Her story, first published as Looking for Mr. Goodbar in 1975 and in 1977 is released as a motion picture starring Diane Keaton. The morale of her story for young women was simple: be careful in who you bring home. The feminist movement, the birth control pill and legalized abortion made it possible for young women to be as sexually adventurist as men had been for generations. Roaseann was known to frequent the bar across the street from her upper west side apartment in New York sometimes leaving with different men. Some allege she lead a double life, working as a devoted schoolteacher by day who likes to pick up rough and dangerous men at night. On New Year’s Day she goes to the bar and later leaves with John Wayne Wilson, a divorced father of two who has been living with another man. Allegedly, he fails to achieve an erection with Quinn who insults him and calls him names. Wilson snaps and admits to stabbing her 18 times and then rapes her corpse. He is later arrested but kills himself before he stands trial.


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  1. sue

    what a waste of a young life?

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