I Must Be Dreaming

January 9, 1965 – Goldfinger, the first James Bond movie developed specifically for the U.S. market, opens around the country.  Bond was the creation of author Ian Flemming, who first published Casino Royale in 1953.  He went on to write another 13 novels before his death in 1964.  The first two films, Dr. No and From Russia With Love, were produced for the British market.  Their success inspired the producers to notch it up and spend more on the third film than the first two combined.  Goldfinger premiered in London in September 1964 with the New York premiere the following December.  Bond, code name 007,  had become the ultimate cool guy with his suave demeanor, martinis, and beautiful women, not to mention his license to kill.  This was the first film to include an Aston Martin tricked out by British secret service.  The film drew bemused smirks with its double entendre character Pussy Galore, a very risqué name by today’s standards, not to mention 1965 sensibilities.  After Bond is kidnapped, he wakes up in a private jet:

James Bond: Who are you?

Pussy Galore: My name is Pussy Galore.

James Bond: I must be dreaming.

Ah, that’s the stuff that dreams are made of…..


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