I Hear the Train A Comin’

January 13, 1968 – Johnny Cash, The Man In Black, performs and records at Folsom Prison.  Born J.R. Cash (his parents couldn’t think of a name) Cash took the name John R. Cash when he enlisted in the Air Force and they would not accept initials as a name.  Later he changed his name to Johnny Cash in 1954 when he began to perform in public and enjoyed considerable success on the country charts.  At about the same time he began abusing prescription drugs, particularly amphetamines, and was arrested several times but never served a prison term, technically spending only one night in jail each time.  He somehow felt a connection with prisoners, perhaps because he walked out of jail in the morning and others did not, and gave his first prison concert at San Quentin in 1958 and he began to cultivate his outlaw image.  His drug use would continue to plague him throughout his life, going straight for years at a time, only to again submit to his demons, finally kicking his habit in 1992.  His first brush was sobriety occurred in 1968 and shortly thereafter he performs at Folsom.  Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison would reach #1 on the country charts and #15 nationally.


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