Aint’ we lucky we got ’em, Good Times!

February 8, 1974 –  Good Times premiers on CBS.  The Norman Lear factory, which first gave us All in the Family, then Maude, creates another spin off.  Good Times is the story of a poor, hardworking family struggling to survive in Chicago’s infamous Cabrini-Green housing project. In typical 1970s sitcom fashion, the shows characters faced everyday problems as they struggled to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, while interjecting comedy to lighten the moment.  The cheers of the live audience lent support to the underlying moral message that good people will triumph over oppression.  Leftist politics were never more entertaining.

The lyrics:

Good Times. Any time you meet a payment.

 Good Times. Any time you need a friend.

Good Times. Any time you’re out from under.

Not getting hastled, not getting hustled.

Keepin’ your head above water, Making a wave when you can.

Temporary lay offs. Good Times.

Easy credit rip offs. Good Times.

Scratchin’ and surviving. Good Times.

Hangin in a chow line. Good Times.

Ain’t we lucky we got ’em –

Good Times.


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