The Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan Show

February 9, 1964 – 73 million Americans – 40% of the population – tuned into the Ed Sullivan Show on CBS that evening.  For months the airwaves and popular culture where abuzz about a new group from England.  Teenage girls were hysterical in their infatuation.  John, Paul, Ringo and George, The Fab Four, were the subject of rabid devotion as screaming mobs followed their every move.  More than 50,000 requests were made for the 700 seats in the Ed Sullivan Theater.  The screams of the audience drowned out their singing and young girls bumped and grinded to their parent’s horror in living rooms across America.  It was a welcome relief to a tragic assaination just 77 days prior.  And the Beatles were handsomly compansated $2500 for their efforts.


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