Free the Chicago 7 !

On February 18, 1970 the Chicago Seven (originally the Chicago Eight ) were found Not Guilty of Conspiracy for the riots at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968.  Notables in the Chicago Seven included Yippie leaders Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin as well as political activist Tom Hayden.  Black Panther Bobby Seale was removed from the trial and was tried separately. Hoffman committed suicide in 1989 staying true to his radical politics and living underground for many years.  Rubbin traded his Yippie credentials for Yuppie attire becoming a capitalist.  He died jaywalking Wilshire Blvd in LA in 1994.  Hayden was married briefly to actress Jane Fonda and had a brief career in politics and now teaches.  Bobby Seale once came in second in mayoral race for the city of Oakland in 1973 but has since retired from active politics.  He wrote “Barbequing with Bobby” in 1987 and now teaches occasionally while working for community organizations.


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