My Girl – Taking it Smooth

March 3, 1965 –  The Temptations, one of the longest running musical acts in the world, scored their first Number One hit with “My Girl”.  Their classic sound and smooth choreography made them unique on the world stage.  The original five members had been in and out of different groups over the years.  Finally they agreed to the name Temptations while on the steps of Motown’s offices.  A final personnel change in 1964 gave us the “Classic Five” who scored big the Smokey Robinson’s “My Girl” which has remained their signature song.  Considered by many to be among the founding father of Soul, the Temptations have endured and prevailed though countless changes in popular music with over 20 different men joining the group at one time or another.  Today, original group member Otis Williams continues to record and tour with the group.


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