The Rally for Decency

March 23, 1969 – 30,000 rally for decency at the Orange Bowl in Miami.  Organized by a local teenager in response to Jim Morrison’s alleged indecent exposure at a concert March 1, entertainers such as Jackie Gleason, Kate Smith, The Letterman and Anita Bryant joined the crowd.  Carrying signs such as “Down with Obscenity” and proclaiming that “longhairs and weird dressers” would not be allowed to attend, the audience  listened to speakers who  gave three-minute talks on God, parents, patriotism, sexuality and brotherhood.  The Five Virtues were identified as “belief in God and that He loves us; love of our planet and country; love of our family, reverence of one’s sexuality, and equality of all men.”  “We’re not against something. We’re for something”  said one teenager.

Richard Nixon sent a letter of commendation to the teenage organizer:

Dear Mike:
I was extremely interested to learn about the admirable initiative undertaken by you and 30,000 other young people at the Miami Teen-age Rally for Decency held last Sunday.
This very positive approach which focused attention on a number of critical problems confronting society strengthens my belief that the younger generation is our greatest natural resource and therefore of tremendous hope for the future.
I hope that you will express my appreciation to everyone involved and my congratulations on the success of their efforts.


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